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Pink Mesh




If you have read the previous post, then you know that I really like Freckles 18s boobs and so there is nothing strange that there is another post on the same topic. This picture is something what I really love and I would love to see much more pics like this one. Hell those are really perfect dont you think? I feel like Freckles is more and more beautiful with every new update she has on her site.

freckles 18 stars

Freckles 18 Like To show Off Her Sweet Boobies


Oh Freckels 18 is so cute chick and this is another of those pictures that really describes it much better than thousands of words. as many other girl even she really loves to show off her boobies and even her breasts are not really big, they are definetely pretty ,sexy and definetely very lickable and playable. In this whole picture set you can see that Freckles 18 knows very well how to look cute, even I’m really not sure if in reality she is or is not cute girl.




Hello guys, any fans of corsets here? I have to admit that corsets really are my fetish and I really hate that girls these days does not wear them. I know that girls are probably happy, because they are probably not very comfortable, but they are so sexy! I think that corsets make females looks like more feminine and just hot. Today it is not normal to wear corsets “normally” like every day, to work and so, it is now more something like lingerie or something what girl buys when she wants to make her guy happy in bed. Well, that is ok and really every chick would make me happy if she surprised me in bad wearing corset. Well, at least there is Freckles and if you know her than you know she likes to surprise her fans and this surprise is just awesome! Finally we can see her in corset. She poses in corset with cheetah pattern in these pics and for me these are one of the most beautiful pics with her I have ever seen.


Fitness Chick


Hello, every sexy chick these days who want to stay sexy needs to work out and of course our favorite solo girl is no different. In this picture set she is working out, but as you can see she has some problems with her clothes. Well, her clothes is absolutely all right, but she has problems keeping that clothes on her. She is big exhibitionist as you probably already know, so when she is working out it is the same. She just has to show off that hot body of hers no matter what she is doing and every opportunity she has when she can show her body she uses. That is something what we all like about her, or not?


Sexy and She Knows It


Hi, its been again few weeks since I have made here last update. Do not think that Freckles 18 does not add new stuff to her site, that would be really wrong idea. She is in fact working quite hard on her site and adding new hot picture sets every week. She knows what her fans wants and what they need and that is of course always fresh and hot content. This time it is picture set that is called Sexy And Lovely and I think it is really right name. In these pictures you can see her in some really sexy, short and tight dress showing off her amazing body, fantastic ass and of course her pretty face with freckles. She is just sexy and she knows it!

Sexy and She Knows It Freckles 18

Freckles 18 Shows Nude Ass


Freckles 18 nude? I’m sure that lot of visitors if this blog are here for such pictures, but so far I cannot offer you such pictures here at my blog. Well, I cannot, but I can. I know it sounds strange, bat that is just simple truth. as you can see in this picture, it is without any doubt picture of completely naked Freckles 18, but still she does not show anything what could be considered as adult stuff. In this new picture set picture is from you can see Freckles in pictures she created by herself, her selfshots. few of these picture were apparently created in tanning studio. Hell, I always thought that girls with red hair and freckles does not visit these studios, becase they are perfectly sexy as they are and they do not need it. Well, I see I was wrong, but it really does not matter, she is perfect no matter she has tan or not.

Freckles 18 Nude Ass

In Pink Mesh


Hello, new week is almost here and I have for you another update with the girl with freckles we all like the most. If you like such girls dressed in something pink and something what does not hide much, then you gonna love this new update from Freckles 18. I think these pictures are really great because finally there are free pictures with good quality and we can see in detail beautiful face and body of her. Full picture set is of course at her official site, all you need to do now is just click the image.

In Pink Mesh

Freckles 18 in sexy stockings


If I had to choose just one piece of lingerie that is my favorite it would be really hard. I love sexy panties, I love corsets, body suits, pantyhose and lot of other stuff, but one favorite would probably be stockings. that is the reason why I’m so happy to see Freckles 18 dressed in them. I think that this is so far the best gallery with Freckles 18 and I hope we will see much more similar stuff with her in the future. It is simply breathtaking how sexy, but still somehow cute she looks in them. I could watch these picture over and over again probably for whole day. If you want to see all pictures, just check out her official site by clicking on the picture. Membership is still available there for amazingly low price. I don’t know if it is because her site is new or she will have such low prize for membership all the time, but It’s really very cheap. Even too cheap for such amazing girl :)

Freckles 18 in stockings

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